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Observation tower

As a first time mother and with my best friend who is teacher for young children, I read about child development, childhood and, of course, Montessori activities. One thing that I really like is the concept of observation tower (or

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PoWE! – Soundtrack

Here is a strange PoWE! this week. I came to watch Love Me like you Do (no no! Not the Fifty Shades of Grey music, the British version of Jackie & Ryan film) that is, well… not the best film

PoWE! – Chucho Valdés

All hail for the monument of the Cuban Music, Chucho Valdés! Over 50 years of activity, tons of awards and even more of projects! Something else to add? Chucho Valdez & Joe Lovano – Exclusive Rehearsal Footage from International Music

Aleppo before/after

We all know that Syria is facing a terrible war since March 2011. Yes, guys, 5 years of “civil” war and still going on… But Syrian refugees don’t do any effort to go back to their country (or what still

Pop-up the stories!

Robert Sabuda is an American children illustrator and an amazing pop-up books designer! Here are some of his works: Alice’s adventures in Wonderland The Wonderful Wizard of Oz You can find his books on his Amazon page

PoWE! – Cyrille Aimée

Cyrille Aimée is a jazz singer who has a delicate voice as the one of Stacey Kent. She was shortlisted or won several worldly recognised jazz awards (as the Montreux Jazz Festival Competition, the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition or

Be human

Homeless people are not lazy-under-drugs-violent guys who think better to live on the humide, cold and unfriendly streets than under a warm and cosy roof! (shame on you so much Nottingham council! ERK!) Yes, of course, everyone knows that… or

Transforming the city

Here is a really interesting bunch of transforming in the city and as city, collected by Francesca Perry for The Guardian. To give you the taste of her article, here are her illustrated examples: 1. Pokémon Go phenomenon “In ArchDaily,

GIF my day!

GIF my day!

Fun - Film Aug 02, 2016

.gif found on geometripy Tumblr

Our attitude towards wealth played a crucial role in Brexit. We need a rethink

The great Stephen Hawking offered us an inspiring text about the need to share and rethink our societies in the Guardian. Here are some extracts: “Does money matter? Does wealth make us rich any more? These might seem like odd

PoWE! – Fat Freddy’s Drop

Let’s come back to more established musicians after these two big likes that are Emma Bladon Jones and Paul Carbuncle with this great Neo-Zealander band, Fat Freddy’s Drop. Their YouTube channel is quite a good one with different studio versions,

Who’s first?!

Who’s first?!

Urbanism Jul 27, 2016

Really interesting and edifying article about the impact of the car parking places in a city when there is no urban planning. “Parking Bombs. More! That’s the scream of merchants and others who believe that a downtown without an endless

GIF my day!

GIF my day!

Fun - Film Jul 24, 2016

I love .gif. And especially the geometric ones. So, why not share them with you?! .gif found on geometripy Tumblr

Future with Bright Lights

The Japanese advertising and public relations company Dentsu realised this nice advertisement video for the Japanese general infrastructure company Kandenko. Well, this is an ad, but it’s a really nice one with the proof of the conductive ink power. Enjoy!

I Am Beeston

Fortunately, this is not a new hashtag for our Facebook or Twitter accounts after another horrible (terrorist) attack. This is a very nice campaign that is going on in my home town: “I am Beeston” Very simply, The Beestonian Facebook

PoWE! – Paul Carbuncle

I carry on with these two “out of established artists” PoWE! with another artist discovered during a Oxjam Beeston session, Paul Carbuncle. He sings folk-punk sounds and has just an amazing aura on stage! He brings you with him in

Evolution stack rings

You all know this toy, the stack rings, with its plastic or wood rings. More it’s colourful, better it is. But, if we are thinking that the first step for the toddler is to be able to deal with this

The Maze help job seekers in co-working spaces

This article is in French but here is a summary of the excellent idea and job offers by The Maze association. The Maze is a Parisian association which aims to help job seekers to be in a positive and active

PoWE! – Emma Bladon Jones

Here a PoWE! (Playlist of your Week-End!) that searches out of the very well established artists. I discovered Emma Bladon Jones thanks to an Oxjam Beeston concert and I was just bluffed by her presence and her way of singing

Digital Heritage conferences

The Saturday 2nd and Monday 4th July 2016 took place conferences about Digital Heritage and Public Engagement at the University of Nottingham, by the Heritage & the Digital Research Priority Area lab. In short, these days were presenting different projects

Use your roofs!

Here are some pictures from the very interesting The Guardian photo article about uses of buildings roofs in different cities through the word. How interesting! Roof of City Hall, Chicago (USA), “green” roof Photograph: Diane Cook And Len Jenshel/Getty Images/National

PoWE! – Alice Russell

Let’s change of atmosphere and join the strength and impressive voice of Alice Russell! Alice Russell balance au 105 – le 6 juin 2013 by Fipradio

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