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→ heritage and history amateur, fond of your district, region, of urban games or simply stories fan
→ cultural (or not) structures which want to spread knowledge about their building or want to organise a trail for a special event
As you can see: everyone! You need only to create an account!

What and how?
→ a trail is made of several points that are the places visitors will reach to visit the area of your trail. You must create a trail with, at least, four pins.
→ the editorial line  of trails is open: you can tell stories you wish (from the moment they follow the publication terms below). The aim is to discover territories (built spaces or not, that belong to our daily life or serendipitous discoveries) but by sensitive ways, by stories. That exactly why you are free to tell what you want!
→ the trail: a trail is made of several geographic points, with texts and pictures (for more information, please read trail creation notes)

You keep all your rights on your work when you upload one or more trail(s) on We do not commercialise your data neither your creation. visicity is first of all a sharing and discovery space. If we change some elements on your texts it will be only to aim towards the best valorisation of your work or the institution.

-When you publish your text/information on the website, you accept the publication terms on a public website: no offensive, libellous, racist, discriminatory, pornographic or sexual content. You also have to respect copyright (not pretend to be the author of a music, text, trail, sound or images that you don’t).

-Before each new publication on the website, we reserve the right to accept or refuse a submission, if it follows or not the website policy. For each decision we will send you an email

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